Today let’s speak about largest electronics retailers in Russia. Electronics has nearly 60% of the market in sales. It is the point where Russian e-commerce has started. This is a highly competitive niche with 25 big companies owing only 25% of market share. There are also plenty of small e-shops having 10-50 orders per day, but altogether having quite a sensible influence on the market.

This niche is characterized with high percentage of penetration of counterfeiting goods, parallel import & so on. High level of competition makes players work with extremely low margin, or even take losts. Other variant is to sell cash & get margin there instead of having it in retail operations.

The biggest electronics retailers in the Russian e-commerce are Ulmart, Citilink, Holodilnik.Ru, Sotmarket, MVideo, Svyaznoy, Pleer, Utinet etc.

Today read about first 3 companies in this category.

1 specializes on computers, gadgets and appliances. It is a multichannel retailer which operates 26 offline hypermarkets. 8 of them were opened in 2012. The total turnover of the company in 2012 is $ 583 mln. 379 of them is provided by the online-shop. Other parts are b2b-sales & sales through terminals located in stores.

Ulmart is the largest online-shop in Russia. In 2012 it has redesigned its web-site, which increased the conversion (4.9%). In 2013 the audience of the site has reached 3.3 million unique visitors per month. Average order at the online store is $ 233. Every month Ulmart delivers about 150 thousand orders.

In 2011 funds Svoboda Corp. and Koshigi Ltd. invested $ 70 mln in Ulmart. In 2012 Ulmart received additional $ 30 mln.


Citilink is also a multichannel retailer, which in is a part of Merlion – one of the largest distributors of computers and digital technology, components, network and office equipment in Russia. In 2012 Merlion has bought a major distributor of consumer electronics Axima. This acquisition has changed the revenue structure of Merlion: the share of consumer electronics in revenue increased from 14% to 21%.

Citilink operates 13 offline hypermarkets and 170 stend-up points in 70 cities of Russia.

Online-store’s turnover in 2012 was $ 111 mln. Monthly the web-site serves over 45 million orders, the audience of the online-store is 3 million people a month. shows relatively low conversion (1.7%). Average purchase is $ 272.

3 is a company specializing on home appliances of big sizes. The total turnover of the company in 2012 reached $ 231 mln. More than 90% of turnover is provided by sales in Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg.

Specializing in sales of large household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, etc.) online store has a maximum average check in the top 10 ($ 550). That’s why at relatively modest rates of attendance (1.5 million unique visitors per month) and conversion (1.6%) it receives about 32 thousand orders per month and has 6th place TOP 10 largest online retailers in Russia.

The low growth in business volumes (compared with other participants of TOP 10) can be explained by delivery to the limited geographical areas – only Moscow and St. Petersburg, where the competition is high and the market is already quite advanced. plans expansion into other regions: in the beginning of 2012 the company opened a branch office in Kaluga, at the end of 2012 – in Yaroslavl. The plans for 2013 – opening of outlets in cities with a population about 500 thousand people.

Barrier to the implementation of these plans is the lack of available financial resources. This problem can be solved by selling part of the company to an investor.

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